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Founded in 1982, Shade-O-Matic has grown from a small regional company to a leading national Canadian provider of premier window covering products based in the Greater Toronto Area.  Since 1996, Shade-O-Matic, has been a part of the Hunter Douglas Group of Companies, a world leader in the window covering industry, with headquarters in Holland.

Product innovation is a cornerstone of Shade-O-Matic’s success and rapid growth. Their company owns numerous patents on unique window covering products such as the Tropics® Gear Driven Polysatin® Shutters.  They continue to invest in development and continued enhancement of our products, to bring the latest and best window coverings to the Canadian consumer.

Providing a continuous level of the highest quality standard is a key priority in our organizational mission. They are focused on providing the utmost level of quality to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction with any Shade-O-Matic product. As part of this effort, They ensure that Their products meet and surpass the Canadian Child Safety requirements, while providing the utmost level of energy efficiency and functionality.

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