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Eddy Stone Fabrics

Eddy Stone was founded in the late seventies by Giuseppe Doria. The company originated as a textile sheer, wholesaler/converter. The fabrics were mainly created and imported from the Como region of northern Italy. After Giuseppe Doria’s passing in 1998, Eddy Stone was bought by his nephew, Salvatore Gironda, and is still run by him today.

As years have passed, the tastes and styles of the consumer have changed immensely and so have the variety of fabrics that Eddy Stone distributes. Eddy Stone still imports some of its fabrics from Italy but the majority of its designs come from all over the globe; aiming to satisfy its customer needs and diverse fashion tastes.

Eddy stone has been in business for well over 35 years, basing its success on supplying its customers great quality fabric at a fair price with uncompromised personal service, second to none.

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